Friday, October 23, 2009

Cell Activity Today-Financial talk to Students

One of the objective of "education" domain is to reach out to our Church members as well as our community. In our Cell our :eduaction" domain is further splited into a) family relationships and b) financial education.

This morning three of our fellow Cell members conducted a financial management talk to Kuching High School form 3 students at the school's AVA room for more than hundred students. Inview of the vast subject of finance, we covered two basic areas: 1) Financial goals setting 2) Budgetting. The students were instructed to complete a simple exercise on financial goal setting, but inview of the limited time we have the exercise for budgetting could not be carried out. However, those students who wanted the excel spreedsheet for calculating their budgets can be arranged. The school counsellor was given a list to get the names and email addresses of interested students so that we can send them the spreed sheet.

All in all the talk was well received by the students.

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