Saturday, October 24, 2009

How Surfing the Web Helps Your Brain

Surfing the web is often considered as a waste of time especially for Seniors. Now research shows that it is helpful to our brains. So those times I surfed the web were not wasted afterall. Read on......

A growing number of people look to the Internet for answers to many of life's important questions. And if you're one of them, here's some good news.

You're probably doing your brain a favor. Yep, research shows that decision-making and reasoning centers in the brain light up like a Roman candle when computer-savvy people do Web searches.

Bing It On
Web surfing may seem like just a pleasant way to kill time, but in a small study of older adults, it did much more. Brain scans of the computer-adept group showed more activity during Internet searches, compared with the brain scans of people who weren't so handy with a browser. Are you keeping your brain young? Find out how young (or old) it really is with this quick self-test.

Information Is Brainpower
Researchers say that searching the Web most likely stimulates the brain by forcing you to evaluate search results and make decisions about what links to click. Those less familiar with the Web may not show the same type of brain activity, simply because they are less sure of what to do. So it pays to tinker around online -- at least enough to know a search engine from a message board. Here are a few other simple ways you can stimulate and strengthen your mind:

* Upgrade your memory.
* Fine-tune your focus.
* Refresh as needed.


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