Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday Worship - 18.10.09

Prior to the start of our service on Sunday,the prayer meeting was conveyed in the outer room of our Church. We prayed fervently for our leaders as well as our Church. Haggai 2:4-9 was shared, how God urged the Israelites to be strong, because the Lord was with them. Do not fear, be strong in the Lord. Similarly we are to be strong and trust God. Our Lord declares "The glory fo this present house will be greater than the glory of the former house. And in this place I will grant peace." Lets claim this prophesy and be strong in the Lord.

John Carter

Brother John Carter from UK shared on Book of Galatian on Friday and Saturday at the Christian Centre. The Book of Galatian depicted the troubles the Church was going through then, and now many Churches worldwide are also facing various problems. Brother John shared on Paul's messages in dealing with these troubles. In the Friday session he spoke on "justification by faith alone". Below is a video on this subject by Pastor John Piper:

This morning Brother John Carter shared on Book of Colossians. Due to time constraints he shared on chapter One. He said we are all "cracked pots" imperfect. Unless God comes into our lives we are nobody. We are limited not God. By grace we are called by God, it is a miracle. It has to be a miracle because we are sinners. We believe in God, and it happens - a miracle. Grace has to do with gifting, in fact, a free gift from God, no work is needed. Only God can give grace. Truth and grace go together. Jesus is truth. God give peace, not the peace the world associate with, but the peace of God. The wrath of God is part of love of God. He discipline us because He loves us, just like we discipline our children because we love them.

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