Monday, October 26, 2009

Holy Fools

On Sunday when Dr.Tommy Chung shared, towards the end he said that despite being in ministry for so many years he was still learning to pray. Here is a devotion I read in Daily Bread written by Philip Yancey, an award winning author of book like Where is God when it hurts?

Read on.

'If you can'?" said Jesus. "Everything is possible for him who believes."
Mark 9:23

When God spoke to Abram, he obeyed at once,departing for an unkown land based only on a promise. Childless, he trusted God to make of him "a great nation"(Gen.12:2.

God often does His work through "holy fools" - dreamers who strike out in ridiculous faith. Yet I tend to approach my decisions with calculation and restraint.

My church in Chicago once scheduled an all-night vigil of prayer during a major crisis. At length we discussed the practicality of the event before finally putting it on the calender. The poorest members of the congregation, a group of senior citizens from a housing project, responded the most enthusiastically. I wondered how many of their prayers had gone unanswered over the years, yet they showed a childlike trust in the power of prayer. "how long do you want to stay-an hour or two?" we asked, thinking of van shuttles. Oh, we'll stay all night," they replied.

One woman in her 90s explained,"we can pray. We got time, and we got faith. Some of us don't sleep much anyway. We can pray all night if needs be". And so they did.

Meanwhile a bunch of yuppies in a downtown church learned an important lesson: Faith often appears where least expected and falters where it ought to thrive.

Faith looks across the storm - it does not doubt
or stop to look at clouds and things without.
Faith does not question why when all His ways
Are hard to understand, but trusts and prays.


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Anonymous said...

The enthusiastic response of the senior citizens to the call to prayer and their unwavering, childlike faith in the power of corporate prayer inspite of their poverty-striken condition speak volumes to all of us. God needs countless "holy fools", faith-filled "dreamers" who're willing to set aside time to seek His face and intercede for our church. May our good Lord continue to stir the hearts of many to come for the prayer meetings.Shalom.