Saturday, December 12, 2009

Cell Meeting

Last evening we had our cell meeting at Brother Howe Tung's and Sister Chuei Lian's home again. Thanks to both for graciously allowing us to use their place.

Dr.Tan shared on subject of discipleship, what it means to be a disciple of Jesus. At the same time she also showed some pictures of Afganistan which she took while serving as a volunteer doctor a few years ago. Her experiences there touched her and people there.

Mrs.Ling shared how she is touched by many who arise to serve the Church. She said to herself that she may be busy but she wants to do something for the Church. That was encouraging to many people. After that Brother Nee Wen shared about the past few months, how our Church went through tremendous change. He could see the real hearts of many who chose to stay, they have hearts for our Church. Despite wanting to give up, God told him to stay and serve. He said he stay to serve and stay focus on Jesus and not on any man. This is the right attitude for all of us to follow. All in all he believed that we are stronger now and many people have arisen to serve God in our Church. He encouraged all of us to continue to build our Church and to be God centered.

Brother Nicholas shared about our Christmas activity to visit the old folks at Sarawak Hun Niam Siang Tng this coming 18th Dec. We will be showing the people the love of Jesus no matter who they are.

"Oh Father thank you for your blessings upon us and Lord for giving us strength to continue to build our Church because it is Your Church, and Lord also thank you that you gave us the ability to stay focus on You and no one else. We pray all these in Jesus Most Precious Name, Amen."

Watch this video of the beautiful people of Afganistan

The lady appearing at 0:35 is a famous picture featured by National Geographic magazine many years ago. Notice her grey-blue eyes.

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