Sunday, December 6, 2009

Sunday Service

This Sunday our Church has guests from Peninsula Malaysia, they were the King’s Kid, a ministry of Youth With A Mission(Ywan). There were about 20 or so children under the care of Pastor Voon.

Pastor Voon made a presentation of what the King’s Kids mission is about. They are raising children to be obedient to God and guiding them to live godly lives. A staff of Ywan shared about her life especially after her husband passed on in 1983, and how by grace of God her three children were given scholarships to continue tertiary education. One daughter is a doctor now.

Ken Jun a boy of 16 years shared how the Lord guided him over the years when he felt unhappy and tormented. He has been delivered since he came to Sarawak. Praise God!

Biblical Mandate for Evangelizing

Brother Poh Teck Lim shared on the above subject. He reminded us of FBC’s vision and mission. One important point is to fulfil the Great Commission.

From statistics he noted that the picture looks grime e.g 95% of the Christians never won any soul for Jesus Christ, only 2% are involved in mission work. Nevertheless we are not to be discouraged, but to continue to win souls for God.

Evangelism means speaking to non Christians everywhere, and eventually they may not be converted. We just need to spread the Words, God will convert them.

Mission means sharing gospel with cross cultural, language groups across countries, or within country. He quoted the work of Pastor Liaw in PNG.

Often time we felt that we are not ready to spread the gospel, but do not be discouraged, let us be committed and God will help us. He quoted the example of Moses who was reluctant to lead the Israelites out of Egypt. God gave him the abilities.

As Christians we need to be committed to want to spread the Gospel to the non believers. Brother Poh said, we can start with our relatives and friends, and later people we meet in the public. Sometimes, it may not be necessary to share specific Words, but to show by our actions. How we live our lives as Christians.

He quoted John Piper, “Go and tell mission, not come and see mission”.

Here is a video of the difference between evangelism and Mission by John Piper

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