Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Celebration with Old folks

This morning some of our Brothers and Sisters Celebrated Christmas with the old folks from Sarawak Hun Nam Siang Tng Old folks Home at Sekama.

This old folk home was started in 1954, and it is supported by donations from the public. Most of the inmates were non believers and we had this opportunity to share the gospel with them. We were very encourgaed by Brother Chin who gave a good message in Mandarin. He even had his speech written down! Praise God for Brother Chin!

Later we sang a few gospel songs in Hokkien, like Lu Kan Wau a Chiu (You Hold My Hands), Chin Chia Ho ( Very Good) and some Christmas songs.

There were 34 inamtes, 20 men and 14 women. Each was given a gift pack as well as an "Ang Pow".

After that all our Brothers and Sisters chit chat with all the folks. Many were happy to see us. One of them, Mr,Lau who was wheel chair bound was unhappy because he could not move around himslef. Sister Chuei Lian, Sister Sarah and Brother Chin shared with him the good news of Jesus. We also prayed for him. We were touched that he was receptive to the gospel message.

Praise God that we had this opportunity to share Jesus's love with those who do not know him. We pray that some will come to know Jesus eventually.

We may not be able to do great things, but we can do little things that show Jesus's love for them.


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