Monday, December 14, 2009

Combined Christmas Celebration

On Sunday 13th Dec, we had a combined Christmas celebration. FBC,Agape Baptist, and Kota Samarahan Baptist came together for the first time after many years to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, our Saviour. The hall was filled to capacity. Praise the Lord!

We had three special guests, Pastor & Mrs.Leong and Pastor Richard Sim with us.

Pastor Leong and Mrs.Leong shared that they were very happy to be back to their original Church after so many years away. They spent 25 years in Sarawak. Pastor Leong is from Sabah. He shared that we all need to be rooted in God's Words. No matter what happened if we have God's Words we are on the right path. Mrs.Leong shared all these years, she has been guided by Psalm 23, "The Lord is our Shepard".

Pastor Richard Sim is back from Australia and he said it was like coming home because he used to serve in Kuching for a few years. Similarly he is from Sabah. Pastor Richard Sim shared on John 17 "Jesus's Prayers".

We also have Dr.Tommy Chung who gave the congregation a semon base on Isaiah 58:12 He spoke about the 4 "Rs" in this verse, "Rebuild", "Raise up", "Repair", and "Restore". He said these "Rs" were appropriate for the Baptist Church especially for year 2010. He said he was happy that several Baptist Churches can gather together to worship God and he was encouraged.

In addition to the mesages from the speakers there were singing and dance performances by the three Churches.

To welcome our guests light refreshments were also served to them.

We had a joyous celebration and getting to know each other from the different Baptist Churches.

"Thank you Lord for making all these possible and a big thank you to all in the Churches that made the celebration a success, Amen"

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