Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Celebration 25th Dec, 2009

This morning Brother Soon King shared that to the secular world the meaning of Christmas is different from our Christian world. Jesus is our focus and not santa. He briefly shared how Jesus is better in many areas as compared to santa.

Next Brother Nee Wen wished everyone a “Merry Christmas” and he shared that Pastor John has wrote him a Christmas card and asked him to share with the congregation his message. Pastor John cherished the time he shared with FBC and wish everyone a Holy Christmas.

The Reasons for the Seasons

Brother Soon King welcomed Pastor Richard Sim back to our Church as he has just returned from Australia to help our Church. We thank him for his dedication.

Pastor Richard shared on Luke 2:1-11, the story of the birth of Jesus. He said to the secular world the meaning of Christmas is different than ours.

To the secular world “Christmas” means:

C – celebration
H – holiday
R- reunion
I – intoxication
S – shopping
T – turkey
M – music
A – Angel
S – santa

For us it is the reasons and not the seasons, because we celebrate the coming of Jesus who came to save this world. He gave us the greatest gift. Going back to the story of Jesus, before His birth Augustus ordered a census which required His parents to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem. It was a tough journey for a pregnant woman to travel a distant of more than 100 miles. But it was the plan of God that Jesus was born in Bethlehem.

To the Christians “Christmas” means:

C- Christ Jesus
H- humble
R- Reconciliation
I – initiative
S – Sin
T – Thanks giving
M – Mission
A – Angels
S – Sharing

God gave us the best gift, Jesus Christ, the Saviour of this world.

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