Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Eve Celebration

On the eve of Christmas our Life Group ( Cell group) had our gathering to celebrate Christmas. We invited non believers as well as some guests from our Life group. Each of our Life Group member contributed to the foods for the celebration. All these foods were cooked by our members. We had a lot of foods as you can see in the slide show.

This year it was special of our church because we have a caroling group going to members' home to sing some Christmas songs to celebrate as well as to add to the festivities. We thank our sisters, Paik Imm and Siew Hoon in training the youth and making all the efforts to make this Christmas special. So the caroling team also came to sing to our Life Group.

After the food we had a little ice breaker (game) to relax a little and to enjoy some fun.

Our Life Group organized members to share their testimonies to encourage the non believers. Brother Peter, Brother Jong and Brother Nick shared last evening. The sharing focus on what God can do for us and only through Jesus we can be saved. It was encouraging sharing by our brothers.

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