Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Francis Chan Stepping Down from Church

Several months ago it was reported that Pastor Francis Chan of Cornerstone Community Church was stepping down from the church he founded. Now it is reported that finally he is leaving his church and moving to Asia. Which Asian country is not certain.

Francis is a popular pastor and has written popular books like Crazy Love and Forgotten God. He is humble enough to know that teaching about Jesus is more important than he himself and his image. He said he felt disturbing that his congregations mentioned his name more than Jesus in his church. He is afraid that people come to his church because of his popularity than because they are seeking after God.

Indeed it is quite natural for us Christians to seek out or adore famous Christian pastors or leaders. I remembered once a famous Chinese pastor called "The Heavenly Man" came to Kuching and I told one of my fellow brother excitedly that I was attending his meeting. My fellow brother questioned me whether I was going to see and hear him speak or to hear God's message through him. That question really struck me. Am I going to see this famous pastor or to listen to God?

The lesson is what is our motive in attending evangelistic meetings led by famous people. Are we there to listen to God or man?

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