Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas in Malaysia

Christmas in Malaysia is some what subdue as compared to Western countries. We have quite a lot of Christians here, but most just celebrate Christmas in small scale. But usually one can find the Christmas atmosphere better in the shopping malls in our country. In our capital city Kuala Lumpur where there are several large shopping malls like The Pavillion, Mid Valley, One Utama and others, where they have extensive decorations. You can really feel the festivities in these malls. I also read that in Indonesia, the decorations and festivities of Christmas are also confined very much in the shopping malls. Here in Malaysia we are blessed that in some small cities, the local authorities do put up some street decorations during Christmas.

In the slide show are pictures taken in two of the shopping malls, The Pavillion and Mid Valley. The life size sleigh and rein deers and artificial snow scapes are in The Pavillion and the others from Mid Valley.

Writing about artificial snow, here is a picture (above) of a Christmas tree producing artificial snow, and the reverse umbrella is used to collect this "snow".

Wishing all readers a "Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!"

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