Thursday, June 30, 2011

80 / 20 Rule

This 80/20 rule is not only happening in the corporate world, but in our churches this is also happening. Does not matter whether the church is big(mega) or small. Usually 20 % of the church members are actively involved in some ministries and the other 80% are not involve at all and they may or may not attend church regularly. This situation is also happening in Malaysian churches.

Our church is also facing this issue and the leadership is trying to engage the congregation to be active in church's activities in order to build relationships with one another. Of late our church leadership is embarking on re building relationships in our church one a one-to-one basis because we want to build deep relationships and not superficial relationships. Like anything new in church, this is challenging but the leadership feels that we need to start somewhere.

As reported in the US, some churches concerntrated so much on evangelism that they neglected those in their congregations. Many realized that they have to do something to engage the rest of their members otherwise they may leave their churches. Most probably balancing between evangelism and spiritual growth of the congregation is important. The teaching of Jesus is that even one sheep is important to His Kingdom. Unlike, the humanistic world, majority is more important than an individual.

In the end, discipleship of church members are more important than the numbers in the church.

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