Sunday, June 5, 2011

FBC Camp 2011

Our Church, FBC had our camp from 3rd June to 5th June at Sinar Serapi, a resort about 35 minutes drive from Kuching city. This was the first time we had a camp at a location other than a hotel. Praise God, everything was done well!

On 3rd June, Fri we were there by 6 pm for our dinner. After dinner, Pastor Ben Wong from Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong gave us a short message of how to build strong family. If we have strong family, it will be easier to build a strong church. It is about relating to each other. After that members gathered to talk and to get to know each other better.

The main aim of this camp was to gather our members to build strong relation, and on 4th June, Sat was just purely fun time for all. All members participated in the kayak and rubber dingy competition, and indoor games for young and adults. Everyone enjoyed themselves. Those who did not participate enjoyed talking to know one another.

In the afternoon of 4th June, we heard another message from Pastor Ben Wong of how he build a strong relationship with his children, family and in-laws. It was a very encouraging message that all of us can emulate. He is really a fantastic father to his children. That afternoon, two members were baptized, Rachael and Ezra.

In the evening we had a camp fire and we gathered to sing a few worship songs. After that we went to our respective Life Group, and we did an exercise of encouraging each member of our Life Group. It was very touching, and all of us were encouraged by each other. This was very appropriate because we are building up relationship with each other and encouraging words and actions are the starting points.

On Sunday 5th June, our church had our Sunday Service at the camp. More members who did not join the camp, came to join this service. Pastor Ben again shared with us his experiences and encouraged all of us.

By grace of God, we all had a very enjoyable time at the camp. Not only that, we learned many valuable principles from Pastor Ben.

Our thanks go to the organizing committe led by Brother Nick.

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