Friday, June 3, 2011

"Fast Food" Church

Mega Church New Life Church's Pastor Brady Boyd commented that many mega churches in the US are becoming like fast food restaurants. Attendees are treated more like customers rather than disciples or potential disciples. These churches are more concerned about the number of people attending their church rather than how many of these people they are discipling to be followers of Jesus. Brady said “Church is not a product to be consumed like a gym membership, but rather a holy gathering of sinners who are becoming saints because of grace,”

Marketing methods are not evil themselves but church should not forget the main objective of its existence, is to disciple people. Pastor Ben Wong from Hong Kong is in Kuching to coach our church and he also spoke about mega churches like those in Singapore which resemble McDonald rather than Churches that disciple their members. Mega churches certainly face challenges in building relationship with their members because of their sizes. Smaller churches are in a better position to disciple all its members and build relation among members.

At the same time, he is coaching us to rebuild stronger relationship with members of our church and how to be effective in these efforts. Pastor Ben has a lot of experiences that can be shared with us. His church, Shepard Community Church, Hong Kong is a cell-church.

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