Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Christian Doctors Testify of Miracles

Many people do not believe in miracles, but many Christians do because we know the power of God in miraculous healing.

There is a group of Christians doctor coming under the World Christian Doctors Network recently met in Brisbane for a conference to hear testimonies by doctors of miraculous healing and to study their results. Testimonies of doctors are powerful because people can easily relate to these doctors, after all they are medical doctors who know their work better than non medical professionals.

Dr.Sean Thomas George of Western Australia gave a remarkable testimony of how he died and came back to life again after being prayed for.(Read the full article by clicking the title of this post).

Nothing is impossible for God. When science cannot solve the problems God can.

Below is a video of a miracle of a foot growing 1.5 inches recorded as it happened!
Note: this video is not related to the above conference).

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