Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Face Book Prayers

Social Network like Face Book is very popular and people use it for many purposes. Of course you have read of recent cases where a Pastor banned his congregation from using FB because some spouses had affairs via FB.

On the positive note there are numerous prayer pages on FB, and people are using it e.g for prayers to help fellow Christians in crisis. There is a case of Donald Michael Black who had an accident and went into a coma. His family launched a prayer campaign and as a result of prayers his conditioned improved.

Even in our church some of our members are using FB to connect with each other and to pray for one another. It is an efficient way to share our prayers, as you post a prayer or message your friends on FB can read them and they can in turn encourage each other by making comments on your posts.

This is just one of the methods of praying for one another. Personally, I think corporate prayers or praying in presence of each other is effective, personal and relational.

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