Sunday, June 26, 2011

Restoring the Altars of Our Lives

This Sunday, our Church had the honor of Pastor Christina Tan from Houston, USA. She is a pastor in International Full Gospel Fellowship (IFGF), Houston. She is also a cousin of Bro.Gary of our Church. Pastor Christina has a long connection with our Church and she shared that she was baptized at FBC in 1977. Therefore, this is like her home coming.

Pastor Christina's sermon is called "Restoring the altars of our lives". She refered to Genesis 8:20-22, the story about Noah building an altar and sacrificing clean animals to God. In the past people built physical altars, now we have our altar in our hearts. We need to build a personal altar as well as a family altar where the whole family pray together.

She asked whether we realize that when we come to God, He set us apart from the world. Yet most of the time, we Christians acted like non believers. Now we have to rebuild our altars and come back to God. Let outsiders see that we Christians are different from non believers.

God also want us to be holy. In many passages in the Bible He repeated, "Holy, Holy, Holy", that is three times. This is because He wants us to be holy. Therefore, we need to be aware,that since we are set apart and called to be holy, we are to examine our lives on a daily basis. Ask are we living holy lives each day? If not repent and strive to live a holy and godly live. If there are things not right in our lives asked God to help us to set things right before Him.

Are You a Citizen of Heaven? This is the title of the book written by Pastor Christina after she had a dream.

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