Sunday, March 25, 2012

Church Moving

Today is a historic day for our church, First Baptist Church, Kuching (FBC) as we moved from our present location at Wisma Saberkas, downtown to our new premise which is about 6.5 miles from town. We have been in the old place for about 16 years, and now we have moved into our new premise. First of all we have to thank God for providing us with this new facility and for the support of all church members.

It was most encouraging to see members turning up to help to carry and move the church belongings from the 5th floor of the old building to the loading bay downstairs. Our Iban brothers and sisters led by Bro Emong and Pastor George were the ones who did most of the carrying and moving. They were at the old church as early as 7.30 am this morning. By around 9.15 am most of the stuffs were downstairs waiting for the trucks to pick up. Our brothers and sisters from English congregation were also there to lend a hand. Our Chinese congregation members waited at the new church to help out too. Bro Paul and Sis. Nancy were there early also to organize the dismantled musical instruments and parts for transportation to the new church. Our friends from Germany Bro. Wolfgang and Sis. Heidi were busy helping too! Some of our elders were there to help out .

By about 12.30 pm most of the things have been unloaded from the trucks and carried to their respective rooms, like main office, Sunday school, library, dry kitchen, wet kitchen and others. Many things are still in the process of being put into their right places. We have one week to sort everything ready for worship on Sunday 1st April, 2012.

We called it a day around 5 pm this afternoon.

Once again thank God for His provision and also all members who helped out today.

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