Tuesday, March 13, 2012

"Voice of God" Alarm

Many churches in England have been targeted by thieves who ripped off the metals fittings on Churches' rooftops. In particular metals like lead and copper which fetch high prices in the market. On average 7 churches are targeted each day in the U.K. Therefore this is a serious problem not only to the churches but the insurance companies.

Interestingly the church has come up with an innovative alarm that is "voice of God" alarm. Motion sensors will be installed on the roof tops and when motion is detected a booming "voice of God" will be activated to announce that the thieves have been detected! Most likely many of the thieves will be surprised by the "voice of God".

To read an article on this subject click on the title of this post.

Watch this video. Ecclesiastical is the insurance company insuring the churches.

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