Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Godly Pastor

In the previous two blog posts, I have written about the danger of celebrity pastors and another about prosperity gospel preached by some of these celebrity pastors. It is refreshing to read about and being inspired by truly godly pastors like Charles Stanley.

Pastor Charles Stanley is the Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church, Atlanta and he has been in ministry for more than 50 years. He also run the popular In Touch ministry.

We can learn from Pastor Stanley as his teaching is Biblical and he points us to Jesus. He said in our relation with God we must be right with Him, otherwise nothing is going to be right.

Although a televangelist in his own right he never solicit money on his programs. He said God has instructed him not to ask for money. Despite his fame as an evangelist and preacher he has no pride. He said "because God has done something that I would never have dreamed of," He attributed all his successes to the work of God.

Pastor Stanley has written several books. Now I am reading one of his books, " Our Unmet Needs". We all have many needs either when we are down or successful. He teaches us how to see our needs from a Biblical perspectives and how to overcome these needs in godly manners.

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