Thursday, March 15, 2012

Ethical Business

There not many companies in Malaysia that can claim to uphold ethics in their business dealings. One of the outstanding example in Malaysia is Thumbprint Utd Sdn Bhd founded by Tam Wah Fiong in Kuala Lumpur some 20 years ago.

He practice no bribing policy in his company. He said “It's so easy to not bribe. People say that if they don't bribe they can't run a business in Malaysia but it's not true,”. He is proving other businesses wrong because he showed that it is possible to conduct a successful company with out bribing to get their ways through the government authorities or otherwise.

Mr. Tam is a committed Christian and he had shared his testimony of his life as well as his business in Asian Beacon, a Malaysian Christian magazine. He also practice Biblical principles in dealing with his employees as well as his customers.

His testimony is an encouragement to many Christians who are running businesses in this country.

You can read a news article of his company by clicking the title of this post.

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