Saturday, March 17, 2012

Creation Makes Better Science

Last week I attended a Creation Apologetic seminar where I learned how we Christians can use creation as described in the Bible to defend our faith. It was incredible to see how the evidences could be found in the Bible.

Evolutionists claimed that life forms developed from non living organisms yet we have not seen anything like these. They claimed mutations create more complex organism, but science has proven that in mutations information are lost, so it is not possible to create more complex organisms. If living organisms evolved from less complex to more complex form, scientists should be able to find organisms that were in their process of being evolved, but none have been found. We believe God created all living organism whole.

Cretaceous limestone were produced by sediments in the water and this can be found throughout the world which proved that these areas were under water at the same time in history. Yet scientists do not accept Noah's flood as described in the Bible.

We are confident that God's Words cannot be wrong.

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