Saturday, March 10, 2012

Creation Apologetic

Last evening trainer Joseph Tan from Kuala Lumpur conducted a three hour course on Creation Apologetic at Good News Fellowship. Creation Apologetic is defending our Christian faith using information and data from the Bible. It is also to prove that God Words are true and they are consistent with what had happened and what is happening to man kind and this universe.

The scientific worldviews are contrary to the Biblical world view, and many people are confused by the different in views. In secular schools evolution is taught and young people of today find that it is hard to understand because the Bible seem to contradict the scientific information. The speaker use various information and fact in the Bible as well as things happening in this world to prove that God is indeed the Creator of this universe and the earth.

One example, scientists claimed that the Grand canyon in the US was formed million of years ago, and you can see the fine layers of sediments in the mountains. But when Mount St.Helen erupted not too long ago scientists found similar layers of sediments were created in a very short span of time, not over millions years ago.

In the final analysis God Words are true.

To check up a helpful website on Creation Apologetic click on the title of this post.

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