Friday, March 16, 2012

Is Hell Real?

According to apologist Mark Mittelberg hell is real. Personally to me it is real because the Bible talked about it in several passages. It is a subject that is difficult for many to understand partly because it is something that is negative and gloomy. Not many preacher preach about it in church too. This is also my personal experience, I have not heard of a sermon about hell in church for the past decade. Mittelberg said we must be taught about hell unless we forgot about it.

This is what he said, "It's a topic no one likes to think about and that, frankly, isn't a lot of fun to teach about either," Mittelberg told The Christian Post on Monday. "But therein lies the problem: if we don't teach about it, if we don't warn people, if we don't emphasize the reality of hell the way Jesus did, then it soon fades to the back of people's minds."

His advice is to teach the subject with love and compassion like how Jesus taught.

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