Monday, November 1, 2010

Alpha Adviser Visonary Day

On 30th Oct Alpha Malaysia organized a one-day Adviser Visionary Day.

This one-day meeting was to present the vision and mission of Alpha Malaysia as well as the way forward. It was attended by about 20 people. Beside, the National Director, Bro. Foo Lai Wei presenting, the various Alpha variant cor-dinators also presented. The variance are like Alpha Youth, Alpha Prison, and Alpha Senior. In terms of family matters, this group name is now known as "Relationship Central", there fore the marriage course in within this variant.

I am appointed as the Alpha Senior Adviser for Kuching. I did not know what I am getting into when Alpha Senor Cor-dinator, Bro Jack Chan invited me to join him. I just said yes! There are plenty to do, just pray to God that He will guide me and bring people to join my team.

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