Monday, November 15, 2010

Fellowship of Evangelical Students

On Sunday our church invited guests from Fellowship Evangelical Students (FES)to share with us what they are doing. The Local leader is Peter Paris, and his two assistants Reynold, and Janice.

FES started about 42 years ago in Peninsula and they have been in Sarawak for the past 7 years. Their main aim is basically to reach out to the students in the Universities and colleges through out Sarawak. Just Kuching city has about 36 universities and colleges. Many of the students are from rural areas and they need to be guided, and FES role is to help these students. Many of these students said they are Christians but they do not much about Christianity. They are nominal Christians. FES engaged them to be real Christians. FES task is uphill battle, because they have only three people to cover whole of Sarawak.

Our elder Dr. Tiong is helping out by providing FES with an office. He is also an adviser to the Regional office here. Other members are helping out by giving donations. FES is organizing a Camp in Peninsula and are flying students there, our members donated to enable some of these students to join the camp.

Peter Paris urged the church to help out especially in prayers for their work through out Sarawak.

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