Saturday, November 13, 2010

Alpha Course Follow Up

After our Church successfully completed the Alpha Classic about two weeks ago, we started Alpha follow up course yesterday evening. Again it was encouraging as about 130 members including guests turned up. We followed the same format at Alpha Classic, that was starting with a meal, worship, follow by watching Nicky Gumbel DVD and discussion of what we had watched. This time around, the groupings were confined to Life Groups. Members of each Life Group(LG) sat in a group plus those guests who had been invited by our LG members to attend Alpha Classic.

This follow up has 9 sessions, 1)New Heart 2)New Purpose 3)New Attitude 4)New Responsibilities 5)New Friendships 6)New Confidence 7)New Ambitions 8)New Resources 9)New Generosity.

By popular requests from our members, this Alpha follow will continue for two weeks and we break a week for LG to gather at their respective homes for fellowship and bonding. Many felt that they missed the bonding after about 10 weeks or so of Alpha Classic sessions. This two weeks on and one week off pattern will be followed until we finish this course.

Praise God that many find this follow up meaningful and useful ! We observed new believers (our guests) are opening up in the discussion groups.

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