Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Kuching Ministers Fellowship Combined Prayer

Yesterday evening the Kuching Minister Fellowship (KMF)organised a combined prayer meeting at First Baptist Church (FBC) to pray for our nation, Malaysia. KMF is a group of pastors and ministers from Kuching and its surrounding who meet regularly to fellowship and pray for our city and beyond.

The main objective of last evening prayer meeting was to pray for Malaysia in particular in areas of political stability, fairness and transparency in policies and treatment of various races, for a just judiciary, for a just government,for favors to be accord to Christians,for fair education system for all, that righteous politicians be raise in government, for Christians to engage the politicians and participate positively in influencing policies, for the coming state election.

This meeting was led by Pastors from members of KMF mostly pastors from churches in Kuching. Close to about 200 Christians from various churches as well as denominations attended this service. Praise God that the prayers were very fervent and there was no doubt that the Holy Spirit was present. We have not seen such fervent prayers from across churches and denominations in this city for sometime now. According to a Pastor, he sensed revival is coming to our nation, and urged all of us to be prepared.

In this trying time in Malaysia, all Christians are encouraged to rise up and be counted, to support the body of Christ in prayers and various activities to advance the kingdom of God in this nation. Hallelujah! Praise God!

From 2010-11-17 KMF Joint Prayer Meeting

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