Friday, November 26, 2010

World's Largest Church Yoido Full Gospel Church

The world's largest church is Yoido Full Gospel church of South Korea. The church had a congregation of 780,000 until 20 satellites churches went independent reducing the number to 360,000. This church was founded by David Yoggi Cho, and the present Pastor is Young Hoon Lee.

After a reduction in members there are ready to expand. Korean churches are famous for their "prayer mountains", essentially places for prayers away from crowded places, usually up country.

The church is returning to the basics of prayers, dependent on the Holy Spirit, evangelism, divine healing and personal sanctification. This also reminded me of the teaching of Pastor Ben Wong of Shepard Community Church, Hong Kong who came to help our church. He too said we must go to the basics if we want to stay close to God. His church is a cell church just like Yoido Full Gospel church. Pastor Ben also personally know Pastor David Yoggi Cho.

Note : To read the full article of Yoido Full Gospel church click on the title of this blog post.

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