Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mormonism is Not Christianity

As a regular Christian, we may not be able to tell whether the Mormons are Christians. But Dr. R Albert Mohler Jr., President of South Baptist Theological Seminary wrote an article explaining in details about the difference between Christianity and Mormonism.

Mormonism rejects traditional Christian orthodoxy, rejects the Trinity and the nature of Christ. Mormon doctrine of God includes many gods, not one. (Note: to read the full article click on the title of this post).

I remembered my own encounter with the Mormon in Kuala Lumpur more than 10 years ago. I met these two young Americans in the sub way. At that time I was new to Christianity as I was attending Full Gospel Assembly (FGA) but have not been baptized yet. These two men talked to me and thinking that they were Christians, I invited them to my house. They came and shared with me their bible "Book of Mormons", and I compared with my Bible, King James version and found it different. After the second visit, they asked me to join their church, but some tning inside me prompting me to reject their offer. Later, I learnt that this was the prompting of our Lord to follow Him and no other gods. Thank God that even before I was converted, He was with me and guiding me to the right path. After this second meeting, I told these two men not to come to my house any more.

"Your Father knows what you need before you ask Him" Matthew 4:18


See the pictures of these two young men? The two men who came to my house dress just like these two. In fact, this is their dress code. I can see some of them even here in Kuching, usually cycling around. In many cities they usually travel around by bicycles. Their ladies missionaries are also dress conservatively. They refer to themselves as "Elder".

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