Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"Happy Chinese New Year"

Wishing all Chinese people a "Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!". Today is the eve of the New Year according to the lunar calender, and Chinese all over the world will celebrate with an all important re-union dinner. This is the important dinner that all family members from far and wide meet to part take in this dinner. This is to meet once again for those from a far and also to celebrate with family members the coming of the New Year.

This year is the year of the Golden Rabbit according to Chinese astrology. It symbolize diplomacy, peace and harmony.

As Christians we Christians Chinese also celebrate this occasion as a non religious event. This celebration is cultural in nature, and there is no religious significant in the event.

Once again "A Happy and Prosperous Chinese New Year!". According to Pastor Kenny Chee of Singapore, this is the only time in the year we can wish people great prosperity without being accused of peddling the prosperity gospel!

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