Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isaiah Chapter 19 - Prophecy On Egypt

In Biblical time, Egypt was an important country, a number of verses mentioned about Egypt. To me Isaiah Chapter 19 stands out because before the fall of Egypt an elderly member of our church went around one Sunday urging the congregation to read Isaiah 19. I read it later. On a report written by Pastor Shaddy Soliman an Egyptian pastor in Florida who also urged the reader to read this chapter in Isaiah. Well, there must be something in these verses.

Now writer Don Finto said there are several verses in the Bible referring to prophesy on Egypt, and again he wrote about the prophecy in Isaiah 19 which is interesting. He also added a prayer for the Middle East. He wrote:

"There is a much more encouraging Scripture that has often been ignored as we ponder the events in the Middle East. Isaiah looked forward to a time when Egypt, along with Assyria (today's Iraq and other parts of the Middle East), would become a blessing in the whole world (see Is. 19:19-25).

Has this Isaiah-depicted scene ever happened? No. Is it therefore yet to come? Yes. Is this a picture of these nations during the millennium? Probably. But could it possibly describe some strange phenomenon that will happen before the Lord's return? Possibly. Why not let this be our prayer? Could this not be the most God-honoring outcome of the present conflict?

Lord, work a miracle in the Middle East. Turn the hearts of "Assyria" and Egypt to you even in our day. Let there be a spontaneous revival that bursts forth on the Middle East and changes the whole landscape of Israel and Israel's neighbors.

Bring Jewish people to acknowledge their own Messiah Yeshua, according to Isaiah's prediction (Is. 6:8-13) and Your own prediction of Matt. 23:39. Bring the surrounding nations to embrace those "greater riches" that would be released into the world when Israel comes into her "fullness" (Rom. 11:12).

We acknowledge You, Yeshua, as king of the whole world, even though the world as a whole does not yet recognize You. Amen."

source: Chrisma magazine

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