Monday, February 7, 2011

Weak Prayer Lives

In the recent Desiring God conference, speakers/pastors were sharing about their prayer lives, Pastor Francis Chan shared how God has answered many of his prayers, however, this lead to some pastors feeling discouraged. One of them confessed that in his 20 years ministry he could not recall God answering specifically any of his prayers.

Francis Chan suggested to those who could not testify to answered prayers to examine their lives, relationship such as marriage and the motives of their hearts. Pastor John Piper agreed with his view. He said "It's either give up on Him and go sell insurance ... or say 'I trust you [God].'"

This is not meant for pastors only, even regular Christians who could not identify any answered prayers should re examine our lives to check where we have fall short. I believe many Christians all over are struggling with their prayer lives. Recently, the President of NECF, in Malaysia said one of the issue of Malaysian Christians is prayerlessness. Certainly if we do not pray, or give prayer priority we do not expect God to answer our prayers.

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