Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pastor Ben Wong - Shepherd Community Church

Our Church has the honor of having Pastor Benjamin Wong from Shepherd Community Church, Hong Kong to coach us. He has been here a few times. Thank God for him because about two years ago our Church went through a difficult time, and he was here for us. Since last year he has helped our Church to arrive at six ethos specific to our Church. Now he is here to coach us further and also to help us to implement at least two of the ethos, that is Relationship and Empowerment. Over the past two days our leaders have sat down with him and have arrived at a plan to implement these ethos.

Pastor Ben's expertise is in discipleship, essentially the first two ethos are about relationship and building people according to God's Word. Pointing people to Jesus.
He is now coaching people including pastors all over the world. Pastor Ben has also brought along copies of his book "Making A Permanent Difference -Investing your life in others" and gave them to our Church. Basically, this book is his three decade experiences in discipling people. This book is also translated into Portuguese, Spanish, and in the process of being translated into Japanese. Pastor Ben told us that he was surprised that this book has won a prize in Brazil for a foreign Christian writer! Praise God! We are happy for him.

Meanwhile, his Church has missionaries in China,Japan, Taiwan, Indonesia, Thailand, Pakistan and India.

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