Thursday, February 17, 2011

More News on Egypt

There are still many uncertainties in Egypt after the fall of Murbarak. A group of experts said, if the Muslim Brotherhood comes to power it could be safer for Christians there. Another group said otherwise. From reading the news about the Muslim Brotherhood and their ideologies, I tend to support the second group who are not in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood. Certainly, we can read between the lines of the responses of Muslim all over towards non Muslim.

One of the second group expert said “Islam is neither philosophically nor theologically compatible with other religions or with democracy. Therefore, it is difficult to take seriously the Muslim Brotherhood’s claims that it wants nothing more than a democratic government,” remarked Dave James, co-founder of the Alliance for Biblical Integrity, in a response to Kubinec’s article".

The view of Islam not being compatible with democracy is also shared by Pastor Shaddy, an Egyptian now based in Florida which I blogged about under the title "Trouble in Egypt".

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