Thursday, August 13, 2009

Becareful with your credit cards

I have just written a message addressed to FBC yahoo group below:

Dear Brothers & Sisters,

I would like to relate an incident that my former colleague ( age 75 yrs) encountered at the General Hospital Kuchng (GH) on 8 th Aug, 2009.

My former colleague went to GH for a check up in the morning, in the process his wallet was picked by someone. After he realized what happened, he reported to the police immediately. By the time he got home around 10.00am the Bank called regarding his credit card and the officer asked whether he has used his card at several petrol stations that morning. He said no, as he has just reported to the Police of his lost. The Bank stopped the card. In fact, the thief has spent around RM600 at Everise, 4 th mile.

Well, this thing happened, but it is good for all of us to be careful with our credit cards. Thieves like to get Senior citizens, so you may want to pass this information along.

Tips about handling Credit cards:

1. If stolen, immediately report to issuing Bank to stop card(s). Important, so that who ever got hold of your card cannot use it like what I related above.

2. Report to the Police in order to secure a formal report for future use with the Bank(s).

3. While in Kuching, just bring along one card only ( if you have several cards ) to reduce your risk.

4. Keep the telephone numbers of the Banks handy so that you can call immediately you experience a card lost. ( Load the number(s) of the Bank(s) in your mobile phone.

5. NEVER keep your PIN numbers with your cards or in your wallet. Memorise the numbers.

These are immediate actions and not exhaustive. What ever it is please be careful.

God bless. Pray that you will never encounter this type of incident.

Brother in Christ,


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