Monday, August 10, 2009

Brother Malcolm's sermon on Sunday

On Sunday 9 th Aug Brother Malcolm lectured on Book of Ephesian. Understand that he started his series last Sunday ( we were away visiting Guruka in Lachau). The title of his sermon was "We got it all"

Spiritual Blessings
Choosen and Holy - Ephesian 1:4
Adoption as sons - Ephesian 1:5
Redemption & forgiveness - Ephesian 1:7,14
Headship - Ephesian 1:10
Inheritance - Ephesian 1:11,14
Guarantee - Ephesian 1:14

The gist of the message is that God has given us all the blessings, do not ask Him to list down the details! Brother Mal related a story about a government department that is willing to cover all the cost of a project as stated in their contract. The receiving department asked for a list down of the details. Brother Mal called that department and ask whether a blank cheque is better or a list of items, they could not answer him. Obviously a "blank cheque" is better! Well, we are sometimes blinded and ask God for details of blessings. Like the title of the sermon "We got it all" said it clearly, it is not necessary to ask for details.

Personally I feel bless to listen to Brother Malcolm's message, he presented it in a clear and easy to listen ways. Praise God! Thank you Brother Malcolm.

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Sarah said...

Praise God for such an anointed,compelling, uplifting message!!My whole family including my son-in-law has been tremendously blessed.Brother Malcolm,may the Lord continue to use you as one of His chosen vessels to teach His precious Word to us.Brother Alwin, you should listen to last week's sermon which was equally enlightening.
God bless.