Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Digital Album - Picasa

Recently I took some digital pictures at our Pot Bless and I have shared with our Cell members vis Picasa album. Sister Sarah complimented my efforts after she viewed the photo album, and she said I am "pandai", well not really because all of you can be "pandai" with a little help!

You know,now a days if you take pictures, 100% this will be digital pictures taken by digital cameras. Well, after taking them how are you to view your pictures? Simple, you need digital albums. There are many you can get free from the internet. But I find Picasa digital album one of the best. It is created for free by Google. So you can download from the internet free! Oh people say nothing is free! No free lunch! Well, this is your free tit bits! Just go to Google search, type in Picasa, a list of related searches wil come out, pick the one that allows you to down load the software onto your computer. The program is very user friendly. In no time you have your digital album! Wah! beautiful pictures can also be send by emails like what I did in sending photos of our pot bless to you all. If you use the email long enough you know that you cannot send large files or photos. Photos translated to large files, so you need program like Picasa to send a link to your friends and family to view your photos from your Picasa album. But before you can send out the photos, you need to down load your pictures from your camera or memory cards to the Picasa program by using a card reader.

Well, go a head and try downloading this free program and enjoy your digital pictures!

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