Monday, August 17, 2009

Internet for Senior Citizens

Whether one likes it or not the internet is here to stay. Many of our seniors may be intimidated by the internet. In the first place many of them are not familiar with the computers. I believe this is the main reason that seniors stay away from the internet. But it is really easy to get access to the internet through a personal computer. Basically if you can get into any search engine, example Internet Explorer, you can get into the “world wide web”. With just a few hand-on practice, you are on your way!

Keeping in Touch

You are able to keep in touch with your lover ones and friends via electronic mails or email in short. If you have a web-cam (web camera), you are able to see the other person on the other side. How marvellous is this technology, seem like magic!

Social Networking

If you are bored, you can connect with friends and acquaintances via social networking sites like Facebook, Myspace and others. Here you can also make new friends.

Looking for Information

Information is at your finger tip. There are all sort of information example free health information, news, entertainment like movies, and music and many others. However, be careful with health advices they cannot replace a doctor.


There are many forms of entertainment available free on the internet. For example movies ( including Christian base ones), gospel music, Christian videos, and you have the ever popular You tube where you can virtually watch all kinds of videos. Also you can play games such as chess or scrabble. In fact, you can even play some games with your grand children on-line!

Get Things Done

Tired of paying your electricity and water bills at the post office? Well, you can pay all your utilities bills on-line. As long as you have an account with a Bank, you can settle your bills without leaving home! What more 24/7 ! Want to send your grand child a birthday gift as she is studying in Australia? No sweat, log into any on-line store like make an order and instruct it to be sent to your grand daughter’s address in Australia. Beside these, you can transfer money anywhere once you have a internet banking account with one of the Banks.


Blogging is similar to letter writing, just that you are addressing to the world. Any one can read your blog( provided you enable it ). You can blog about anything of interest, perhaps your expertise example in baking or your hobbies or even your life experiences or Church activities. The subjects are endless. This is also one way to keep active for a senior citizen.

Age should not be a barrier. Just check out the many blogs by senior citizens. One good example is Dr.Mahathir’s blog CheDet, he received 20 million hits in 2008!

Well, I promise you an endless fun adventure when you embark on using the internet. So why wait? Get started!


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FBC -Cell J said...

Hi shail2chouhan thank you for your compliment. Just trying a little to share with others. God bless.