Monday, August 24, 2009

Cell Groups Presentation on Sunday

On Sunday, three Cells presented their work on GAMES Domains. Our Cell for "education" was the first Cell to make the presentation. Brother Alfred presented about "family" and Brother Nic presented on "finance". To drive home the point and to add some fun, he rendered "If I were a rich man" and a Hokkien song "Nah Si Wah wu Chit Pa Ban" (If I have a million dollar)that made the congregation laughed.

Sister Lily presented on prison ministry and the on going work. Uncle Ben,Uncle Kueh, and Brother Song has been on this for 15 years. Recently Brother Steven, Brother Fook Chuing are also involved. Their theme - "reconciliation" for the prisoners and their families.

Brother Julian Yeo presented about work for Habitat for Humanity families. They do not emphased on building but other follow up matters with the families who got houses under Habitat.

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