Saturday, August 8, 2009

Cell Meeting - Fri 7.8.09

We discussed at length the problems facing Guruka Ita. Meanwhile, we have given her some provisions and these should last about 2 months.(She is staying alone) We have asked Pastor Pelli to get a quote to repair her roof, once in we will get it done. Her main problem is health and financial. Health is taken care by the hospital. We are looking to help her find financial solutions. This is an on going matter for our cell to handle.

The discussion on family relationship was lively, in particular how couples in difficulties can get help, and where this can be obtained. Although the Church does not have a formal structure for this we have many seniors who has been through alot and are able to share. Our Cell can look into setting up a formal one for our Church.

The famous saying by a Brother (my opinion) is "After all these years of marriage there are some scratches, but no scars" That says alot about this Brother's marriage. Thank you for your encouragement! Certainly he can share with our young couples about walking the bumpy road of marriage. Than vroooom.....! smooth sailing!

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