Saturday, August 7, 2010

Alpha Course Week 2

Last evening, Friday 6th Aug, our Church had the 2nd Week of Alpha Course. Once again we had more than 20 guests joining us and that was very encouraging. We watch Nicky Gumbel's presentation of "Who is Jesus?". Being in the same room I could hear a lot of discussions after the video presentation. We pray that all of our guests will join us again next week. In my group we had 2 guests, one a Catholic and one a non believer, glad that they participated a little and they were comfortable in the group. Thanks to our Bros & Sis who kept them felt at home.

Here is a slide show of our gathering.

Bro Nick and Bro Alvin sang two songs "You Raise Me Up" and "I know Who Holds The Future", here is the video of the second song. A very meaningful song.

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