Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pastor Kevin Connor's Visit

Last evening, we had the honor of hosting Pastor Kevin Connor from Australia. This was not his first time here, he was here preaching at EBC in April. Before he came here, he was preaching at FGA ( Full Gospel Assemly)(Incidently that was my former Church in KL).

Pastor Noel Han of Nation Church, KL was the one who brought Pastor Kevin here because he felt the need of this city. Pastor Noel was born in Kuching, spent some time in Sibu before living in Australia until he pastor Nation Church in KL.

Pastor Kevin spoke about the atmosphere of our faith. Like when you go into a church you can feel the atmosphere whether it feels peaceful or otherwise.

The 7 steps of attack against Word of God

1. The devil hates God's Word. He puts doubt in us, like when he tempted Eve.
2. Adding to the Word of God, like in the garden when Adam and Eve were tempted, words were added by Satan.
3. He adultered God's Word.
4. He slandered God's Word.
5. He lied against God's Word.
6. He made us believe his lie
7. He made us disobey and disbelieve God's Word.

Pastor Kevin explained what he wanted to say clearly and the session was also not too lengthy. In fact, his jokes kept us awake.

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