Sunday, August 29, 2010

Evangelistic Worship at Lundu

The annual Evangelistic Worship was held at Bro. Chai Say's private property at Lundu attended by some 600 or so participants and visitors. This event has been running for the past several years thanks to Bro. Chai Say, Sis Teck Lan and several others contributors. There were 15 churches participating in the event. 13 churches were from the surouding area, one from Indonesia (Dr.Gary's mission hospital) and one from Penang. Praise God for a wonderful time meeting people from many places, like Indonesia, Africa(students),USA(from Dr.Gary's hospital),Penang and others. The participating churches sang many praise and worship songs, and participant danced to these songs. Praise God for a worshipful evening as well as time of fellowship. Even the old Bro & Sis danced to the music! Praise God for the good weather too!

Watch a video clip
From 2010-08-29 Evangelistic Worship at Lundu

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