Saturday, August 28, 2010

Alpha Course Week 5 Session 4

Last evening we had our Week 5 session 4 Alpha course. We were suppose to have session 4 and 5 but there were problems with our computers and video prayer. Due to lack of time we only played session 4 video, and it was the express version. Praise God that we have Bro Arthur Lim to share some jokes with the audience. Bro Arthur has earned a reputation as our church joker. (Joker may sound a little disrespectful,but we don not mean that, in fact we are honored and enjoy his jokes). Overall we had a great evening, with activity discussions among the guests. We had 25 guests, and out of these, 17 guests are repeats. Thank you Lord for our guests!

Our very own "Teresa Teng", although Dr.Tan said she was not a good singer.

From 2010-08-28 Alpha Course 27.8.10

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