Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Merdeka ( Independence)

Malaysia has come a long way as a nation. Today is our National Day or Independence Day. Fifty three years ago the nation of Malaysia was born when we gained independence from the British. This national day means different things to different people because we were born at different time. Those older folks will be able to remember what it was like to gain independence and perhaps feel that it was meaningful. However, to the young they may not feel anything at all. Some of them may have "tidak apa" attitude. ( could not careless in Malay language). I suppose this also has to do with the environment that they were brought up. If they were instilled when they were young the spirit of independence, they will feel much more connected with the country's independence. This also reminded me of our relation with our Lord Jesus. If we work at it by studying, reading the Bible, and pray to Him, we will have a meaningful relationship with Him. In fact, that's life. God created us to relate to Him.

Hallelujah! Have a blessed National Day - Merdeka!


Smile said...

Hi. Bros and sisters.
I think some facts are not correct. History shows that the nation of Malaysia was born on 16 SEPT 1963 which is about 47 years ago and clearly not 53 years.

The first move towards the formation of Malaysia came in 1961 when the idea for the formation of a wider federation comprising the Federation of Malaya, Singapore, Sarawak, Sabah and Brunei was mooted by Tunku Abdul Rahman. It was only endorsed on the 16th SEPTEMBER 1963 and the nation of Malaysia was formed.

August 31st is the independence day of the Federation of Malaya.

Malaysia National day is 16th SEPTEMBER

Lets not be confused between between the two.

Thank you
Uncle Paul

FBC -Cell J said...

Bro. Paul, thank you for the correction. God bless.