Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday Service-Pastor Ben Wong of Sheperd Community Grace Church, Honh Kong

Last Saturday, Pastor Ben spent a day with our Church leadership to reinforce the core values or essence of our Church developed during his last visit in March, 2010. It was a very useful session, and we as a Church had a better idea of how we are to move forward. That evening he had a session with our youth at Bro. Chung Chek's & Sis Paik Im's home.

On Sunday, Pastor Ben delivered sermon at three services, Mandarin, English and Iban. Like what Bro Tung Hui said, "I don't know where he gets his energy".

Pastor Ben main message was "Love", how we should love each other in our Church, and out of our Church. Relationship is important, and not all the programs that the Church does. Take care of our Church members and the numbers will be added.

He gave examples from his Church which were very touching. He shared about a young couple, who were cell leaders, yet they committed fornication and had a baby. In most Church these couple would have been expelled, but Pastor Ben met with them and cried for them, got them to confess their sins in front of all the Church leaders, and asking them to repent of their sins. Their Church leaders did not like their sins, but they love them and hugged them. Reconciliation and healing took place. Praise God, they decided to get married after they were very sure of their love for each other. While presiding over their wedding, Pastor Ben cried again, this time of the joy of their union, and God's forgiving them of their sins. Today this couple are missionaries in India. Praise God, Hallelujah!

From his Church there are now 54 missionaries in many countries like Japan, Taiwan, China, Thailand, India and recently Pakistan. In dact, Pastor Ben arrived from Pakistan after a transit in Hong Kong.

We are honoured and thank Pastor Ben for his help. May God be with him always.

In this video, Pastor Ben demonstrated how sometimes we pray negatively for people. He is a funny Pastor!

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