Saturday, March 12, 2011

Alpha Classic 2011

Last evening our church, FBC had our first week session on "Is there more to life than this?".

Praise God that the session went very well! We had about 14 guests attending. Some could not make it last evening, and about 8 teachers trainees were on holiday, they will join from third week. Therefore we had two groupings. I was the host of one of the group and I was apprehensive of the response of the group discussion, but praise God that it went very well, and most of the guests shared their feelings. A number of them shared that despite their material gains, they felt something was missing inside. They came to the right course! One guest of about 60 years said everyone will come to a stage where he or she will search deep inside, and find something missing. He said he had been searching since his student days. We all pray for him to discover Lord Jesus in this course. One former believer said he has not been to church for many years. Sometimes while working, he questioned himself whether what he is doing has any meaning. We pray he will continue this course to discover the meaning of life for himself. Another guest said he was baptized as a child, but now he believes in all religions. he wanted to know how can he be sure he will be saved by Jesus. Again we pray and encouraged him to continue this course and he will find the answers.

Overall, a very encouraging session. Both groups reported that the discussion were lively and interesting.

We pray that all our guests will come back for the following weeks sessions.

Glory to our Almighty God, who made this Alpha session a success!

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