Monday, March 14, 2011

Piper Called Tsunami "Apocalyptic"

The tsunami in Japan is beyond expectation of many people. The death toll is said to rise to over 10,000 according to Miyagi prefecture police. Although it is an estimate more may die. Another bad news is that the Fukushima nuclear plant explored early this morning. Seriousness of damage unclear.

Pastor John Piper called it "apocalyptic" seeing the devastation on television and internet. Beside tsunami in Japan, there is earthquake in China, recent earthquake in N.Z, and also volcano eruption in Sulewasi, Indonesia. With so many disasters happening close to each other, it is quite natural to associate these with end-times. Added to the natural disaster equation, there is the Fukushima nuclear plant explosion.

Pastor John Piper was shaken and he prayed the following prayer:

"Father in heaven, you are the absolute Sovereign over the shaking of the earth, the rising of the sea, and the raging of the waves. We tremble at your power and bow before your unsearchable judgments and inscrutable ways," he said in a prayer for Japan.

"O God, we humble ourselves under your holy majesty and repent. In a moment – in the twinkling of an eye – we too could be swept away. We are not more deserving of firm ground than our fellowmen in Japan. We too are flesh."

The earthquake, tsunami and risk of nuclear explosion are terrible things, yet we know God is in control. Let us continue to pray for peace in the hearts of the affected, pray for their safety, and that people will not go cold and hungry.

May our Good Lord be with the people of Japan. Amen.

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Fukushima nuclear plant explosion

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